Turkey-Syria Earthquakes Collection

Cathedral Collection for the Victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

There are now known to be 44,000 victims of the earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria on 6th February last. Scenes of devastation in towns across the region are indications of more grim news. If you wish to reach out a hand of friendship and support to those affected, please consider supporting the Cathedral collection. Envelopes are available at the entrances and should be returned by next Sunday 26th February.

Two agencies will benefit: Trocáire and the Jesuit Refugee Service [JRS]. Fr. Tony Ó Riordán is an Irish Jesuit priest working in Syria with the Jesuit Refugee Service. Bishop McGuckian contacted him last week to let him know that some parishes would be supporting his work there. Here is some of his reply:

“The situation here is indescribably grim. One father of two young children who said last week he could never go home out of fear – but has gone back to his home tonight. The journey is long…even those with light in their eyes confess that they cannot sleep at night.  

For millions in the region, the light has yet to return to their eyes. For them aid has not yet reached them. There has been no one to stand with them – only tears to wipe the dust from their eyes. Homeless, grieving, terrified, hungry, embraced only by the bitter cold and darkness. 

So how important it is that help get through, JRS cannot reach everyone, effected – the figure is in the millions, but JRS with help and partnership can reach many and so thank you and the people of Raphoe for partnering with us and offering what they can. It is much appreciated and it will bring light to darkened and sad eyes.” 


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