‘The Will of God’ Retreat

‘The will of God’ RETREAT – Saturday 23rd September ~ Time goes by so quickly. If we pray the Lord’s prayer (“Our Father”) on a regular basis, we repeat the words “Thy will be done” quite often. But what do they mean? What is the will of God? In other words: what does God desire? In general and also very personally, for me? Today? We will be talking about this during our retreat.  The retreat starts at 10 am with Mass in the Cathedral and continues until 7 pm. It will consist of talks, moments of prayer and reflection and sharing our experience of faith. We will also gather around the table for lunch. Cost: €20 inclusive
Please note that it is necessary to book advance for this retreat. To do so, or for more information please contact the Divine Mercy Centre at: 0749169934 or dvmletterkenny@gmail.com.



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