Obviously, with many people losing their jobs in this period, many of our parishioners will not be in a position to contribute. Others may wish to set aside their weekly offering and bring it when restrictions on public gatherings have eased. We hope to maintain heating, lighting and the maintenance of grounds around the Cathedral and in the graveyards, and other costs that cannot be deferred. Given the challenges facing the parish and its people, the clergy will not take a salary at this time.

A number of Parishioners have been in contact by phone and email, requesting how they can continue to give their weekly contribution towards the upkeep of the Cathedral and Parish, and if we could advise as to the most convenient way to do so electronically?

  • For any Parishioner(s) using the ‘Online Banking’ facility, you will need our IBAN Number. It is as follows: IE39BOFI90491556668632.
    Please ensure that you include your Initials/First Name and Surname to appear on the Cathedral Bank Statement.

Thank you for your continued spiritual and financial support during this time of great uncertainty in our Country.


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