As part of our Home/School/Pastoral Care Programme, we are delighted to be in a position to offer young people who have experienced the death of a close relative, separation or other painful change in their family, the opportunity to participate in the RAINBOWS 12 week peer support programme – which already takes place in over 500 schools and parishes throughout the country.

When something significant happens in a family, the entire family is affected. If the parent dies or parents separate or a painful loss occurs, not only do the parents grieve, the children do also.  Grief is an expression of love and a normal reaction to a significant loss.  Children find it difficult to verbalise their feelings of grief because of their age and inexperience.  It may surface in their behaviour, schoolwork and emotional wellbeing.

RAINBOWS is a support group that helps children put their feelings into words, through their grief, build a stronger sense of self-esteem and begin to accept what has taken place in the family.  RAINBOWS is not a counselling group.  It’s a safe, confidential setting where children will share their grief associated feelings with each other and with trained facilitators.

Children are generally grouped with others experiencing a similar loss.  If children are assigned to mixed groups because of necessity, e.g. bereavement and separation, parents will be consulted in advance.

There are tragic losses that can cause extreme trauma.  The Rainbows programme is not adequate in these circumstances.  Professional help should be sought.  If children are already attending professional counselling/family therapy etc. the professional’s advice must be sought before application is made for attendance at Rainbows.

Address: The Pastoral Centre, Monastery Avenue, Letterkenny
Phone: 074-9121853

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