Cara House Family Resource Centre, ‘The Red Door at the Top of the Market Square’, was described by President Mary McAleese as a “Tardis”!  There is something for all sections of the Community within its remit.

Started in 2004 and opening three evenings and one morning a week, it is now open six days.  Everything in Cara House is affordable.  There is a wide range of relaxing courses and activities for adults, a drop-in crèche, after school clubs and summer schemes for parents and children, a youth café,group grinds and computer programming for teenagers, a drop-in room for adults who wish to socialise and a café where a three course meal costs just a fiver.

Volunteering and participation IS encouraged.  People coming in find a warm, friendly, welcoming and supportive environment where they feel at home – a community that cares.  Brochures with details are available from Cara House.

Cara House is situated at Market Square, Letterkenny
Phone: 9123986, 086-1223029


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