“Mothers’ Prayers” was launched in England in 1995.  At that time two grandmothers, Veronica and her sister-in-law Sandra, both from England, felt led by the Lord to pray in a special way for their children.

Through prayer, they learned that Jesus wishes all mothers to surrender their children into His care, to take away pain from the mothers and to pour blessings on their children.  “Mothers’ Prayers” has now spread to 107 countries. 

At the meeting a small table is used on which is placed:

  1. A Cross – to remind us of our Redeemer
  2. A Bible – Jesus is the Living Word
  3. A Candle – He is the Light of the World
  4. A Small Basket – This is put at the foot of the Cross ready to receive the names of the children written individually on small paper discs.



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