A little message from Fr. Kevin

Each Lockdown has its own rhythm, we have come to discover. The first one, in the spring and early summer was initially frightening, and a cause of high anxiety. Very little was known about Covid-19, how it spread and how it affected people. Towards the end, compliance was well broken down by the time restrictions were lifted.

The second Lockdown seemed to limit people considerably, but much activity continued unofficially and people felt less isolated, less frightened, and less anxious.

This third Lockdown has brought us back to high levels of anxiety again, and great fear as the spread of the disease seems so out of control. As someone put to me, numbers are becoming names, and the names are people we know. The post-Christmas period and the dark weeks of January can be unpleasant for a lot of people every year, but this year this seems to match our mood perfectly.

At the Cathedral, we want to assure you that you are in our prayers, and very much in our thoughts. We would like to give you a word of encouragement as we make our way through this Lockdown. The day is on the turn, and so, God willing, is the situation in the county.

The summer months seem far away, but there appears to be a well-founded reason to hope that we will be on a better path that will keep improving. So, while at this time we are asked to simply keep to ourselves and take all the precautions that are set out for us, we encourage you to keep up our determination to see this through, to focus on the positive and to spend a bit of time once again more in prayer and reflection.

It would be good to “reach out” to your friends and neighbours with a phone call, a note, or indeed and old-fashioned letter, to remember them deliberately in prayer or to safely do an act of kindness for them if they are in our “bubble”.

The anxiety can seep down into our souls. Let’s not allow it to do that: better days are before us. 


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