Mary’s Meals Walk to Knock launch

Mary’s Meals are happy to announce the launch of their charity walk Step by Step to Feed the Next Child on Friday 14th July in the Letterkenny Shopping Centre at 12 noon.

The Walk will commence on Monday 7th August and will arrive into Knock on Tuesday 15th August.

There will be eight walks across Ireland – Malin; Armagh/Enniskillen; Cavan/Longford; Dublin; Kilkenny; Thurles; Cork (starting four days earlier) and Limerick. 

Mary’s Meals are hoping for people to: volunteer to walk some part of the walk (5k, 10k etc.); volunteer to collect for a day or two; volunteer to drive for a day or two; or volunteer to help out with the organisation, raising awareness and funds for Mary’s Meals. 

Donegal Mary’s Meals are now feeding 2,429,182 children.

Please phone Fr. Eamonn Kelly, Parochial House, Convoy, Co. Donegal on 0879077985 or the Donegal Branch of Mary’s Meals phone number: 0877080736.



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