Walking daily in trust – Joseph of Egypt

You are INVITED to a short RETREAT, 2 pm – 5.30 pm on Saturday 17th July, in the Divine Mercy Centre, Letterkenny.  This retreat is the first in a cycle entitled: Walking daily in trust. Throughout the cycle, we wish to learn from various biblical figures (this time it’s Joseph, the son of Jacob), how to journey everyday with God, to learn to trust and obey Him more and more.  Due to the pandemic we are operating with limited numbers. Therefore bookings are essential.  To sign up please contact us via email: dvmletterkenny@gmail.com or call at 074-9169934. Please remember to wear a face covering.

Praying with the Bible retreat

You are invited to this silent retreat and in it experience a time of listening to God’s word. That’s the purpose of silence in this retreat – it’s not so much a discipline in itself but it is a measure to enable us to hear what God has to say to each of us.  We will be praying with the Scripture using an ancient practice of the Church known as Lectio Divina (literally: Divine Reading).  The retreat is offered only as a residential one.  All meals will be provided.  If you have any dietary requirements please let us know when you sign up.  We commence Friday, 23rd July at 6 pm and conclude Sunday 25th July after lunch (approximately at 2 pm) in the Divine Mercy Centre, Letterkenny. Please take your Bible, a notebook, any personal belongings that you need and don’t forget a face covering. We’re operating with a reduced capacity to ensure the safety of all. To sign up please email: dvmletterkenny@gmail.com or call us at 074-9169934 



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