Regarding the end to restrictions for the emergency phase of the pandemic, please note the following:

The second Vigil Mass on Saturday evening will conclude on Saturday 29th January.  From Saturday 5th February, there will be only ONE Vigil Mass, namely 6 pm.

Sunday morning Masses will continue at the current times until we see how things are fairing in the country before returning to the pre-covid schedule.

Restricted seating will end at the Cathedral from Saturday 29th January.  For those who are anxious about social distancing, pews will be restricted at the two side entrances to the Cathedral for a period of time.  Please be considerate of your neighbour and to leave space where it is possible.  Remember, many people will continue to be very nervous and do not want to catch Covid.

Masks will continue to be required until the 28th February.

If you have any symptoms of cold or flu, you should follow public health advice in terms of antigen or PCR testing.  Those who contract Covid should NOT attend the Cathedral in that period.

Remember, the pandemic is not over and we must be sensible in how we behave in the coming months in particular.

Fr. Kevin Gillespie


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