Easing of Covid Restrictions in the Cathedral (Phase 1)

Currently and into the coming month, every second seat is available in the Cathedral and we will no longer require people to pre-book or use an assigned seat for Sunday Mass. Please sit where you please – you do not need to sit where you have been sitting over the past year and a half.

In this phase, each person is asked to take responsibility for their own actions and to be conscious of protecting others and being considerate of them. Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Please respect people’s need for space: Two couples should sit at either end of a pew; two/three persons from a household should sit at one end of the pew while one person from another household can sit at the other end.
  • Do not crowd into pews, especially towards the back – we need to continue to move into the front pews and the side aisles and to use all the space in the Cathedral.
  • Please respect social distancing when leaving the Cathedral at the end of Mass – do not crowd into one another at the doors.
  • You are asked to wear a facemask when in the Cathedral.
  • Please sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the Cathedral
  • If you wish to sanitise your pew, wipes will continue to be available.
  • For the moment, please continue to follow the current system for coming to Holy Communion in the nave (centre aisle): right (pulpit) side first, and then the left side, one row at a time, maintaining social distancing between different households.
  • Funeral attendance remains restricted to family, close friends and neighbours. We ask families to respect a limit of 100 attendees.
  • Marriages continue to be restricted to 100 attendees.
  • We ask families to respect a limit of 10 attendees at baptisms.

Collection baskets will not be used at this time: please place your Sunday Offering in the secure boxes provided at the Cathedral entrances

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