October Challenge

October 2020 Challenge

The Raphoe Mission Team have organised a ‘Fast for October’ and are inviting you to participate. The idea is to have different people fasting on each day of the month with the intention of bringing about change for the better. We are asking you to fast on bread and water on ONE day of October and to pray a decade or even the whole rosary on that day.

If you are unable to fast on bread and water for any reason, you can still participate.  Why not consider fasting from tea/coffee, your phone, the internet, tv or anything else that would be a sacrifice for you.

Do you want change? Do you see that things are very bad in the world? Are there problems in your life? Is there something that you are struggling with? Our Lady has said that prayer and fasting can stop wars. Imagine what it could do in your life!

To sign up for a day, please email: fast@raphoemission.com and give your name, phone number and the date you are signing up to ‘fast’ on.

You may fast on more than one day if you wish or if after doing your one day, you feel you would like to do another, you can email again to sign up for another day/days.

Are you up for the challenge for Mission Month?



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